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Show Notes

In This Episode… Humour is a business skill

Tim Gard has made that quantum leap between business and humour – who says you can’t have fun at work – clearly you should have fun at work!

He is a member of the speaker hall of fame an elite honour shares by fewer than 143 other people worldwide. Past members include President Ronald Raegan. Tim has travelled over 2 million miles speaking at over 2000 events from London to Las Vegas. He is an author and office ex-stressories inventor living in Portland Oregon with his two cats and fiancée Sophia.

The Golden Sugar Lump –

  • I am going to have ? and nobody will stop me!

Best advice – Small, Regular and Grande

  • Small – Never coast – that only happens when you are going down hill
  • Regular – Do the right thing
  • Grande – Stay in touch with the fundamentals so you can grow  – ‘If there is no led in the air there is no meat in the freezer’

Tips Jar

  • Find out what makes you and others laugh and connect with it

Coffee Shop Book Shelf / Resources

  • Unbroken – Laura Hillenbrand

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